Yoga and Mental Wellness Articles, Websites And Contributions

Book Contributions

Embodied Resilience Through Yoga; personal essay

MeaningFULL: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight & Body Image Issues; personal essay 

Past Speaking Events

Keynote CSU Long Beach Psych Day, April 2022

Virtual Self-Love Retreat, Feb 2022

Morningside Chats in the Living Room, Sept 2021

Los Angeles Medicinal Psychedelic Society Symposium, May 2021

Soul Long Beach Yoga Festival, February 2021

IAEDP OC, Yoga, Eating Disorders & Social Justice, Sept 2020

OC Behavioral Health, Understanding Eating Disorder, HAES, May 2020

Therapy Reimagined Conference, Sept 2019

Diversity in Parenting Conference, March 2019

U of Iowa Womxn's Conference, March 2019

EAPA South Africa, Sept 2018

NASA Employee Assistance Professionals Training, August 2015